Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 month sleep regression

Our awesomer than awesome night sleeper? She's not doing as well now. And, no, she hasn't morphed to a good day sleeper either. I have read about the 4 month sleep regression and I think we're now living it. Maddy is sleeping more like she did when she was first home (numerous wakings). This is an awesome article on the 4 month sleep regression. And it really fits... Maddy is doing something new everyday! It's got to fill her brain and make it all so much harder.

Something new everyday... that leads to many firsts. At mom's group yesterday Maddy noticed another child for the first time. She just stared in fascination at the little girl. Today she noticed the dogs running around her car seat (and giggled at them), and she's also learning about her feet - she's grabbing her pant legs and trying to pull her feet to her face. She's trying to roll over on her belly (not there yet, but trying). One morning I walked into her room. She was swaddled and was trying to roll over to her tummy. She was on her side and looking up. That would NOT have been good, while swaddled... Today we went to the zoo for the first time. I went with another mommy friend. We spent much of the time feeding, the babies or me (I didn't get the chance to eat before we left) but it was wonderful to get outside, see the animals and see all the kids running around - our future!

Maddy is also 16 weeks old. How did that happen? We could conceivably start her on solids any day now. I am not sure she has the interest yet and she's still doing ok with her formula. But solids already! I am not sure I am emotionally ready for that...

Also, I am finished with breastfeeding. Many weeks ago Maddy began refusing the breast. She just had no interest in it. I was pumping once a day, to try to keep some breastmilk in Maddy's life. But I was getting so little and I kept running out of time. Neil said that if I truly wanted to, I would have found the time. And that is true... I just never liked attaching a machine to my chest and sitting there, listening to the motor whir. Maddy's doing well, with her poos, now. At least the last few days there has been no constipation. But it's also sad to know that function is over... that we really failed in the breastfeeding arena and there are no more chances to make it work. I look at Maddy, and how much she's growing, and I know she's healthy and doing well. But I just wish I could have been there for her.

Maddy has been napping for 30 minutes now... her usual nap length! Time to get ready for her awakening, soon. A little more time would let me get a little more done but this is Maddy's way.

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