Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day. It's so hard to believe it, that I am a mom. I am responsible for the care and upbringing of a human being. Of Maddy! It still boggles the mind, I keep thinking it must be a dream. That I will wake up and life will revert back to just me and Neil.

Yesterday we celebrated. We went to my parent's for food and visiting. And exchanged gifts. Maddy and Daddy got me a gorgeous purse, a gift card and a stunning bracelet. We got baba a digital picture frame and some flowers. Today is a quieter day, getting household chores done and relaxing. For me, now, getting the household chores done is my way to relax. That is so broken, so different than I was before. Maddy? Your mom used to be much more lax about cleaning, before you. Now I want you to live in a clean home, a safe home, so I clean much more! It actually bothers me when there are dishes in the sink, where before a few days could pass and I wouldn't even flinch.

Let me start with a TMI warning for the info below.

Now that we have warned you... It was also one year ago today that Maddy was conceived. One year ago! So much has changed in the last year, so much is different. But everything in life is better, with you here Maddy. We didn't mean to start our family this soon, but it is perfect now.

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