Saturday, May 1, 2010


We put Maddy down at 930-ish. It was hard, I worried... I cried. She was swaddled and laid down still awake. And I walked out of the room. And waited for the crying. The sleep sheep turned off, and I waited for the crying. We went to bed at about 11pm. And I waited for the crying. By midnight I was wondering if she was breathing... I listened as closely as I could to the monitor. I heard her breathe and rustle. I slept some but much of the night I listened to the monitor, and worried. This morning at 530am I heard a few noises, rushed downstairs and went into her room. She had wiggled down to the end of the crib (time to move the stuffies at the foot of the crib!) and was stirring. We had a little feed and then at about 510am I laid her back in her crib and went back upstairs. She slept until 830am!!

It was a perfect first night in her crib. But I still worried the entire night and slept horribly. I wanted her beside me still, so I could lean over and hear her breathe. It was harder on me than her, to be apart. Mom? I now understand your sleepless nights. Motherhood is a weird state of mind.

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