Sunday, May 2, 2010

Night two down too

Maddy slept for the second night in her crib. It was a bit harder to get her down. Our little Houdini would get out of her swaddle and then get upset. But by 1030pm she was fast asleep. She woke at 3am, with her right arm and right LEG out of the swaddle. We had a little snack and then back to sleep until 8am! And mom? She slept much better last night too. I had stupid weird dreams, but did sleep more. Although I would often incorporate the monitor, and checking the monitor, into my dreams. 

This, honestly, has been better than I ever imagined it going. I think most of it is due to the fact Maddy is a good night sleeper (and getting better about naps during the day). We have yet to have the guts to CIO (cry it out) and are going in to calm her when she fusses and then lay her back down, still partly awake. I miss having her beside us at night, but Neil and I can get back to our evening chats and reading before bed and other such stuffs. 

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