Saturday, May 15, 2010

It is all about sleep...

Yesterday Maddy had a great night sleep and had good naps. And? She was amazing! Today? Not as good of naps... and she was a bear by afternoon. At that point, sleep is the enemy and naps are refused. Although I am quite sleep deprived from working a casino last night. Asleep at 3am, up at 450am for a feed. Back down at 530 until 830. I haven't had such little sleep since the start... It really reminds me how lucky we have been to date with Maddy sleeping so well at night.

Despite Maddy's mood, in the last 2 days we have gotten so many errands done! Although where before I would be working hard, in the middle of it all, today I was tending to Maddy. Garden is almost totally in and beds weeded (mom's and dad's efforts), lawn mowed and garage cleaned (both Neil's hard work), and the bathtub has been re-caulked (my job). And Maddy was entertained (all of us, working hard). We even put her on the grass for the first time today! She didn't seem to notice, but we took pics. Baba and I also took Maddy and the dog's on a walk, and this was the first time we sat Maddy in the stroller, without the car seat. I think by the end it was all too much and instead of napping she started the meltdowns. But more firsts!

At dinner tonight she sat on baba's lap and we watched for signs of interest in food. She stared at it all, but no reaching yet. Because of her size, we think she'll be starting solids much before 6 months. I bought the first container of rice cereal. I can't believe solids and open cups and spoons are starting so soon! Time is already flying by.

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