Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Month four letter

Dear Maddy,

Four months old already! How the time is flying by.

This month has brought so many changes in you. You are so much more alert and interactive. You are exploring your world and learning how your body works. The biggest thing is you found your toes! Some milestone charts say that isn't supposed to happen until 6 months or so. And with finding your toes, you have started the toe grab shimmy. You grab your toes, twist and throw your legs down. This results in you moving in a circle, with your head as an anchor. It's awesome to see, but makes us realize that true locomotion is coming. We started baby-proofing the house, just to be sure. And of course the dogs immediately pried off the outlet covers and are using them as a chew toy. You are reaching and grabbing at things and everything makes the slow-motion move to your mouth, once it's in your hands. Imagine your frustration when you miss your mouth, the item won't reach or the worst is when your little hands pull the item out again! You LOVE standing up on our laps. Although you throw your cute little tooshy out and random intervals, causing you to lurch forward and us to scramble to keep you upright. Despite loving standing, you are not 100% keen on your carrier or exersaucer yet. But we have to spend as much time with you off your back, since your head is a wee bit flat in the back. I guess that means constant rotation through the different places.

What hasn't changed? The fact you are growing like a weed and hating the sleep. Yesterday was an especially bad day, today is better. We know when you are tired and we can often soothe you to sleep. But you refuse to self-soothe and put yourself down. Hours of crying and you are still awake. Oh well, we'll learn that skill eventually. Because as a teenager I am pretty sure you won't want me cuddling you and gently rocking you... Oh! And teething signs. They are still showing themselves. The gnawing, the drooling (omg the drooling!), and the occasional grumpiness from gum soreness. But no teeth yet! I will miss your crazy happy gummy smile, once your teeth start to come.

Things to remember? Your talking. Now that you are exploring your body, your talking has slowed. In fact, now (unless you are crying) you don't open your mouth but just make "oooing" sounds through your pursed lips. Despite that, you are really quite loud! I can't imagine the sounds, once you remember to open your mouth. But when you cry, you don't just wail but babble. Some sounds? They sound like "ma ma  ma ma ma". Yes, that breaks my heart! You are looking more and more like your father everyday. I see so much of him and sometimes, when you are falling asleep in my arms, I see baba's eyes in yours. You still love to hear "My Maddy Lies over the Ocean" and dad sings "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" to you, which you love also. Sticking our tongues out makes you giggle nearly every time. We still do anything we can to make you laugh! You also ALMOST rolled over from back to front. But then your pesky arm got in the way... but so close! To fall asleep we swaddle you still, and gently rock you and you suckle yourself to sleep. We have started sitting you in your bumbo, on the table, to watch us eat. It fascinates you, what we do! What else... much of your birth hair has fallen out. It's growing in quickly (and lighter) but the bit that remained? It's so long! We could easily put a little barrette in it, which means we can move it to simulate a little comb-over. It's cute on a little baby girl, no one else.

I love you so much, my Maddy. You are my world. You are dad's, baba's and dido's world too. We are all fascinated by watching you move and learn and grow. Two-thirds of a year has passed... flown by. And everyday I am more amazed that you are here, that you are my daughter. I can't wait to see what this month will bring!



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