Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So tired and so unhappy

Maddy is exhausted. She's so very very tired... but again she refuses to sleep. I have her in her crib, CIO right now. She's heartbroken that I am not coming... and when she cries it almost sounds like "mommy". But she has to learn sleep is not the enemy and sleeping in her crib is ok. We just came back from a 45 minute car ride. 15 minutes of that was screaming, until she fell asleep for 15 minutes. But then she was up, looking around, wanting to see what's going on.

Oh Maddy girl, you're breaking my heart as I am breaking yours... please, baby girl, please sleep...

EDIT: I gave in. After 1 hour and 20 minutes and many many tears (mine and her's) I went in. She was still wailing like she was being tortured. And? She was... She fell asleep instantly in my arms and slept for about 30 minutes in her crib. She was up and happy for a few hours but by 630-ish she was grumpy. She got a very good feed and was down around 730pm. After 2 awakenings she's fast asleep. Maybe I shouldn't fight it. She is an awesomer than awesome night sleeper. I'll need to find another way to get her to be a better day sleeper, rather than CIO. Apparently my daughter is even more stubborn than I am. Oy vey... I am in trouble...

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