Saturday, May 22, 2010

More about sleep

Sleep. The favorite topic on this blog! I look back and see months ago how I claim I am "learning" Maddy's sleep signs/schedule/patterns. Either I am a slooooooow learner or Maddy is challenging. I think maybe a bit of both? *grin*

Maddy is sleeping better at night again. She's sleeping for about 11 hours at a time again (although it takes a few soothes to calm her at night). And her bedtime seems to be about 730pm now. Yay! We have some adult time before we go to bed, and 630 am isn't too early to wake in the morning. I can't believe I typed that... 630am used to be OMFG EARLY before Maddy. How we change as parents.

Yesterday Maddy slept most of the day and then slept for 11 hours at night. I was worried, that she was sleeping too much. But "they" say she should be sleeping about 14 hours and I think she slept about 16 hours. Not too much more and I think she had a bit of a deficit. And Maddy is still not napping as long as she should. She wakes from her nap still yawning and is sowing signs of tiredness sometimes within 30 minutes. But then we're just putting her down for more sleep, in hopes that she'll catch on and nap as long as her little body needs.

Today I tried laying her down not swaddled. She was fast asleep, but as she hit the crib her hands came up to her face and woke her up enough that she noticed her fingers and started sucking on them. Which lead to an awake (and grumpy) Maddy. How do parents do it, without swaddling? We'll have to figure it out soon... Maddy is now wearing 6-9month clothes and her swaddlers are getting small.

Yes, my little girl is not that little anymore! On Tuesday we go for her 4 month immunization and we'll get her weighed and measured. Judging by her clothing size and comparing her to other kids at moms groups she's gonna be off the charts!

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