Monday, June 7, 2010

All's good here!

Guess what I was going to talk about? Sleep! Of course. It's all we seem to talk about on this blog. Maddy and her sleep habits. Last night was hard. Tonight was better. But it's all about sleep. Getting Maddy to nap. Getting her down at night. Nap, nap, sleep, nap, nap ad nauseum. How dull... Today I will blog about something different. 

Well, this is crib related, but not about sleep. At one time Maddy would rotate like a little clock in her sleep. Since we stopped swaddling she's not as circular but she will roll on to her tummy. That does not impress her. Or the cutest is when she will lay on her side and bring her little fist into her mouth to suckle on. She doesn't move down to the foot of the crib anymore either.

I spoke too soon. We have wailing.

 I went in and held her and rocked her for 10 minutes. Her crying would slow to the adorable little mews she makes as she falls asleep when upset. But then she'd startle awake and begin wailing again. One dose of baby tylenol and 10 minutes later and she fell fast asleep on my chest. I love the feeling of her warm little body in my arms, the smell of her freshly washed hair, her head nestled into my neck, her fist in her mouth, listening to her snotty little sighs as she sleeps comfortably and safely. Something is hurting her. Her teeth? Her head? I know she's healthy and there is nothing seriously wrong. I just wish I could make it so that she never felt any pain again.  

She's getting to be so much more fun now. As my doctor put it, the first three months of your child is rather like having a gerbil. You feed it, change it, look at it... but there is little interaction. We are beyond those times and have a blast together. Maddy loves being sung to, tongues sticking out, tickles, her feet being lifted, bouncing on our knees. She is trying to converse. She'll look us in the eye and very seriously coo and gurgle. Then smile and laugh at whatever it is she said. But she is still good with being alone and amusing herself which is awesome too. Everyday we see just a little more of her her fabulous and big personality. I am enjoying every second of this time with her but I also can't wait to see as more of her personality comes through. 

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