Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's new?

Well, Madds has started to belly-rotate. She rolls onto her tummy and then will rotate in a circle, with her tummy as the centre point. Adorable until her feet get stuck under the couch and she can't kick. Then it's hilarious! No, wait... that's not nice...

She's taking her rice cereal 2 times a day now. And I don't know if it's the solids or that she's getting older or that all our work is paying off or that we give her a blanket during the day or... or... but, knock on wood, (and I really knocked) she's been a better daytime napper! Yesterday afternoon we got 1.5 hours out of her. Today? I went to visit the folks at work and brought Madds. On the way home at 2-ish she fell asleep. I debated sitting in the garage as she slept a bit. Again. I risked it and brought her in. It took about 45 minutes to lull her into a decent sleep but it's now been an hour and she's still asleep! So she's been kinda napping 2 hours. Solidly napping an hour. Yay!

The SECOND  typed yay Madds woke... Now one handed typing before heading off to play with my girl!

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