Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mobile Miss-Miss!

Although she refused to roll for company, my Madds is a rolling machine! She only rolls to the left, though, so we need to move to a very long house where she can roll or I am always getting up to start her on the one side of the living room again. I have a glimpse of my life with a crawler and it involves a lot of moving after her. Thankfully she's still slow *grin*

Speaking of crawling, Miss-Miss has started to bury her head on the carpet and lift her butt up in the air and push with her feet. She has managed to move about 5mm with this method (her head is quite the anchor) but I see my future and it needs more childproofing.

We finally had an almost normal night last night (it took an hour to get her back down after her night feed but that is not unheard of). And tonight we're in a hotel and we'll be messing it all up again! I am dreading the hotel but looking forward to the wedding of a dear friend. Plus, we get to meet the newest member of the family, my cousin's son! I can't wait to hold and smell brand new baby again.

The last few days have been harder, with Maddy being such a poor sleeper. I really don't know how I would have made it through without the friends I have, who are going through it too, to vent with. I think I sounded angry the last few days (it was just tired) but thank you Natasha and Blessie for listening and being there! This is the hardest thing I have ever done, the most responsibility I have ever had, the least training for a job ever and then I am more tired then I have ever been. It's a crazy cycle that only works because of my fabulous husband, my amazing parents and the support of my friends. Thank you!


  1. Woowooooooo! I get a shout out! And I don't mind listening at all. After all, you return the favour quite often!

    I hope tonight is smooth sailing, as is the rest of your journey. Good luck with everything, and enjoy that wedding!

  2. Motherhood is quite the roller coaster and I am thrilled to be taking this ride with you!