Friday, June 11, 2010

Everyday something new

Today at the zoo Maddy stuck her thumb (and just her thumb) in her mouth. To date we have had the whole fist in there. Maybe a few fingers. But this is her first thumb alone!

When we got home I put her bottle on her lap. She grabbed it and lifted it to her mouth! It didn't stay there, but it's a start. But when we feed her now she insists on holding onto the nipple of the bottle. Which loosens her latch and causes formula to go everywhere. Or she'll pull the bottle out of her mouth and then grump since her food is gone. And it adds so much time to a feed. But she just has be involved in the feeding. I think she's going to be an independent one.

She's really noticed the dogs and loves to interact with them. She starts to laugh and smile then will lean forward to try to put them in her mouth. The dogs? They see this as a great opportunity to give her a big kiss. And, no, I have not always been able to pull her away in time!

Everyday there is more interaction and something new. She's just so much fun!

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