Friday, June 18, 2010

So much to keep track of!

Maddy rolled from her back to her tummy moving to the right (she's only done to the left to date). I laid her on the ground with plenty of left rolling room so she rolled to the right and nearly lodged herself under the couch. Never what you expect.

We went for a walk in her carrier today. Having nearly 18 pounds strapped to my chest? Made the walking harder. And I had the stroller with me too, in case she fussed. But she was great and even fell asleep! Although with my bosom there she couldn't lay her head down that much and it was pretty much vertical. I held it with one hand to stabilize it. And pushed the stroller with the other. For 30 minutes. Anything for a nap!

Her left foot has made contact with her lips now! They have been firmly implanted and sucked on. The right foot is millimeters from the same fate. Changing her on the change table is an adventure. Rolling and feet in her mouth. Who knows what she'll do.

Although I do know what she's doing right now. Being grumpy... she did not have a good night sleep last night and is fussy. Easily entertained but she needs constant attention.

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