Saturday, June 19, 2010

Food fears...

Last night I was up a few times. First at 2am for a TEN OUNCE feed for Maddy. Yes. One-zero. Then again around 5am when then power went out. The baby alarm beeps when the base, in Maddy's room, loses power. And the home security system lets us know it lost power. Thanks equipment. I didn't need uninterrupted sleep!

I gave Maddy her usual 6 ounces at 2am and she didn't fall back asleep like normal. I tried to calm her with no luck. I made 4 more ounces and Maddy fell fast asleep. Me? I was awake. I went back to bed and tried sleep but kept thinking about Maddy and solids. After the huge feed I knew she needs more. Plus she's just so big for her age. But my dreams? They weren't so confident.

I kept dreaming that nurses were berating me for starting Maddy so early. And that I failed as a mother because of it.

I am confident starting Maddy on solids tomorrow is the right thing. She had over 30 ounces of formula today alone and didn't always seem to be sated. But the literature keeps saying clearly no solids until 6 months. But my girl, who is nearly 18 pounds, is the size of a 6 month old. Or older.

Well, tomorrow is the day! And tomorrow is the day we celebrate the fathers out there. Happy Father's Day!!

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