Sunday, June 13, 2010

To solid or not to solid. That is the question.

Is it time for solids, for Maddy?

Reasons for yes:
  1. She loves watching us eat. It fascinates her!
  2. She is very interactive with bottle feeding now and wants to hold the bottle and nipple and be part of it. 
  3. Her weight gain has really slowed. 
  4. Despite the above, she is now eating up to 8 ounces in a feed, in the evening, and doesn't seem 100% satisfied
  5. And she's over 16 pounds now. I was told by another mom that at 16-17 lbs is an indication of when they may be ready. 
  6. She can sit now in her bumbo, with no issues
  7. Despite the guidelines saying wait until 6 months, at our 3 month doctor visit the doctor suggested we could start her sooner, if she seemed interested. I think that's based on her size. 
Reasons for no:
  1. They" say wait for 6 months, to avoid food allergies, She's only 4.5 months. We have minor food allergies in our families (both Neil and I)
  2. While she loves watching us eat she hasn't reached for our food yet. Unless I hold it out to her. Then she's leaning for it and wanting it. 
  3. I am not emotionally ready for it. I know Neil isn't either. My baby girl eating SOLIDS? Even if they are liquidy solids to start
I am just not sure. There are way more pros than cons. But is it the right time? If we start now and she does have food allergies, will I forever blame myself? Although my instincts are telling me she is ready, my logic is saying wait more time. Argh! I wish something like when to start solids, which is supposed to be easy, was actually easy.

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