Monday, June 28, 2010

What happened?

My awesome night sleeper has been replaced by a bad night sleeper and a mediocre day sleeper. Three nights ago she didn't finally go down until after midnight. Two nights ago she was up at 3am and stayed up until 530am. Last night she wouldn't go down to sleep until 1030pm (which is an improvement) but is still up at 7am and not too interested in sleep. I just laid her down for a morning nap and now I can hear her talking to herself in her room. Happy, yes. Sleeping? No.

Every time I mentioned her awesome sleeping at night I was careful not to jinx myself. Why did it end? I KNOCKED on WOOD! *grin*

EDIT: More knocking... Maddy went down reasonably well tonight! Let's hope she stays sleeping too.

EDIT part deux: She woke for a feed at 1230am (way too early) and is up for good at 445am. Today is gonna be a loooooong day...

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