Monday, June 21, 2010

Complication continued

I mentioned here, there was a complication after Maddy's birth. And here is more TMI, this time on how I am treating it.

My doctor prescribed a new product, called Lady System. Vaginal cones for pelvic floor reeducation. Basically? They are 5 small cones of differing weights. Starting at almost 5g up to 55g. You insert them and then use your pelvic floor to (try to) keep it in place.

After calling around to multiple pharmacies finally I found one that would order it in for me, although they didn't stock it (thanks Betsy!). And of course my benefits won't cover this product. It's very new. Almost $120 later, I have it and have been using it.

I grabbed the first weight, 4.9g. I could barely feel it in my hand! But my pelvic floor? Even that small weight is almost to much. I am hoping it'll start to soon get better and will help me get everything back to normal. Last night, as I did my 15 minutes of therapy, I washed the cupboards. You have to be standing/moving. And they needed to be done! I can see much puttering being done while I reeducate.

And while I am not completely back to where I was, I am probably at 75% of normal. Or maybe I am just getting used to not-normal... But either way, I am doing ok.

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