Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not so much complaining about the sleep

Well, I have one complaint. Maddy is rolling now. And in her crib she rolls on her belly. And you can guess where this is going... she grumps. She loves sleeping on her side but rolls too far and wakes upset. Well, not even wakes. Eyes closed and grumping. Anyone have any advice? Please? I was up with her from 4am -6am this morning trying to prevent her from rolling on her stomach.

Otherwise, we're doing well with sleep! Maddy is napping more frequently but not for as long. And many of the naps are as we're on the go, in her car seat. Which is just fine with me. And nights are good too. We have our routine which we start when she's sleepy. Bath, dried off well, hair brushed, pjs on, a book if she's not too sleepy and then fed a bottle and she falls asleep in my arms.

If you look back, not much has changed in our routine. Yet we're doing well? One important thing has changed.


I had expectations of what my daughter should do when it comes to sleep. She should nap for 2 hours at the same time every day. Twice a day. I should be able to put her down fully awake and she'll fall asleep on her own in seconds. It should be the way the books tell me that it should be. Well, that's not Maddy. And that's just fine.

Now I don't fight her to nap. If she falls asleep for only 15 minutes, ok. Or if she refuses? Ok. If she needs to fall asleep in my arms? Ok. If I have to go back a few times in an evening? Ok!

I have found the joys in our routines. I love watching her sleep in my arms. Her long eye lashes, her soft pink lips open as she breathes, the dimples in her hand as she grips my finger in her sleep. How much longer will I be able to do this? Why was I rushing it?

So we're doing well on the sleep-front. FINALLY she's learned. That slow, slow mommy...

EDIT: Before my bath Maddy was sleeping on her stomach. After my bath? She was back on her side. My SIDS fears have been allayed! She CAN roll back.

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