Monday, June 21, 2010

Solids Day 2

We did it again! This time more was put in her belly, but again we're not giving her much. I make 2 tablespoons and she eats a quarter? Less? I am finding she likes it a little thicker than I was making. After solids everything needs cleaning (kid, clothes, bumbo, table) and her gums are cleaned.

We're going to keep it at once a day for the next few days. Maybe by the weekend we'll add a second helping at dinner. And once that's down it's time to add VEGGIES! I think we may wait until we're back from Calgary before adding veggies, just for ease of travelling.

Travelling! Neil, Maddy and I are going to Calgary for a wedding. Lucky puppies get baba and dido staying with them while we head off. I am worried about Maddy's sleeping. We're kinda doing ok now and I am nervous to disrupt it. But we'll survive just 'cause we have to. And Maddy has the most adorable dress, given to us by my cousins, which she'll be wearing. Pics, of course, will be taken. While there we're going to try to visit as many friends and family that we can. Not sure how much we can get done... but we're hoping!

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