Thursday, June 17, 2010

No pain, no gain?

If that is true,  I am apparently gaining. A lot. Ouch.

On Tuesday I went to a mom's fitness class. I was the out of shape mom in the group. And my competitive nature? It stupidly pushed me to push myself way too hard. I didn't want to look that bad... Although I still silently cheered when Maddy fussed and needed to be fed so I could stop in a way that saved face. I hurt on Tuesday. I woke up in serious pain on Wednesday. Then I went for a walk at an off leash park with a friend! The jogging stroller I borrowed for Maddy pulls to the left. I had to constantly correct it. And I hurt even more after it was done.

This morning the pain is now the happy little burn of knowing I used my muscles. Today I will take it easy. Tomorrow I will exercise again. Maybe nothing as intense as Tuesday. But something will be done! The momentum has started and hopefully I can keep it going.

And Maddy? She's different yet again. More vocal. She's sitting in her bouncy chair and talking away to her lion. It's adorable and occasionally very loud. And reaching... so much reaching! This morning coming down the stairs she reached out for the door jamb. Luckily she didn't have a firm grip, because I just kept motoring by. More adapting for us and more learning for her. Nothing stays the same.

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