Sunday, June 20, 2010

We did it!

Maddy had her first few mouthfuls of rice cereal! We took video. I may never show it to anyone. Mama has got a few chins on her. If I can edit away me, then video will come. If not, then let me assure you it happened.

Maddy seemed interested in the process and leaned in to the spoon. She would grab the spoon also, trying to put it in her mouth. Once she even grabbed the bowl and tried to drink the cereal! Although how much of rice cereal made it to her belly is debatable. Much dribbled down her chin onto... well... everything. But for every three or four mouthfuls that went everywhere one was swallowed. Out of the one tablespoon made she ate very little. But it was a start! Tomorrow morning we try again and we'll stay on rice once a day until she kind of has it.

Otherwise it's been a relaxing Father's Day! Dada, in his kindness, woke up with Maddy when she got up at 630 and let me sleep until 730. At about 730 Madder became Maddest again and has been a grump-a-lump ever since. She went for a nap at about 8 for too short a time. And was still grumpy. Baba and dido came over and brought a cake for dada!

Happy Daddy! A happy daddy is always good *grin*

Maddy bought Dido a gift certificate to Golf Town. And she bought dada (and mama) tickets to Star Wars: In Concert next weekend. We're in the front row... we'll be able to look up Anthony Daniels nose! Maddy knew that mama dada needed some date time. What a smart (and wealthy) almost 5 month old!

Then we all had a visit for a bit and a pic was taken of Maddy and Dido

One was taken of Maddy, dada and the cake but was taken with baba's camera and has to be sent to me. Plus, it's hard to convince dada to let me post pics of him.

Baba put Maddy down. Then she woke and I put her straight down for another nap. Hopefully after this she'll be less of a grump! She's been sleeping awhile now. Dada has been on the computer gaming this morning and I think is having fun with it.

It's been a good day. Hells, we had CAKE for breakfast! How could it be anything but awesome?

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