Thursday, July 1, 2010

Night one in a hotel? Done!

The ride to Calgary was a little rough to start. Madds fussed and cried and whined from Edmonton to Red Deer. We stopped in Red Deer for a snack and a stretch, which made her very happy! Then mama made a modified swaddle (I wrapped a blanket around her arms) and those pesky arms that kept hitting Maddy in the face were tamed and she slept from Red Deer to Calgary. Although I ask, when does that reflex stop? Very annoying, the self hitting.

In the hotel we set up the crib and I fed Maddy and she went down ok. Although it was nearly midnight before I got in bed. The up from 3 to 4 to feed, then up at 615! I held Maddy while she slept more (until 8am). She's doing well for sleep? All those awakening plus sleeping in not my bed? Mama is at a new level of tiredness. Coffee is my bestest friend right now...

Madds had her nap and now we're going to get ready to wedding. Let's hope Madds doesn't fuss too much. Please Madds, not too much!

Also, happy 143rd birthday Canada! You don't look at day over 142 *grin*

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