Tuesday, July 6, 2010


1) Swimming lesson #2 was less successful but still loads of fun. The big pool is colder and Madds was tired and she cried. Once we moved to the warm pool she was much happier! Caleb and Blessie are in the class with us. It's awesome to have the company. Today Maddy and Caleb were sitting on the edge of the pool side by side. Adorable! But Maddy dwarfs Caleb. My baby is no little one...

2) Night 2 of CIO. 60 minutes. Less than last night, still hard. Both Neil and I are still in agreement this is the best thing for us to do, for Maddy. But it's still not easy by any stretch. G&T helped.

3) Carrot poo? Ick! Ick! Ick!

4) Today Maddy fell asleep in her stroller at Costco. I transferred her to the car seat and then from the car seat to the crib without her really waking up. Yay exhausted post-swim Maddy!

5) Monday I had a follow-up with the doc about the post-birth complications. Next step? Physio! And follow-up in 3 months.

6) I believe I use too many exclamation points! Many! Apologies!

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