Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maddy, here is the first post of things to forgive me for

1) For turning my back and not preventing you from putting the dogs' chewed up nylabone in your mouth. Or their squeaky toy. Or their rubber bone. Or their tongues... Seriously, why do they insist on kissing your face? And why do you insist on opening your mouth to kiss them back?

2) For changing your diapers on a park bench and exposing your bits to the world and the sun. A few times. But the bathrooms are just so tiny and crowded and stinky at the zoo! You seem to like to poo there. Maybe it's the smells?

3) For biting you. On the face. Leaving bruises in the shape of teeth marks.

This one will take some explaining...

On Sunday we were playing the bitey-tickle game. I start making a "nom nom nom" sound, like I am going to eat you. As I get closer you get more and more excited and begin to smile a little. Then wider and wider... as I get to you and begin to nibble on your arms or legs or belly or cheeks you let out a huge giggle!

In my sleep-deprivied wisdom I decided to stop covering my teeth with my lips and just nibble away. You giggled more that way! But Sunday morning? As I leaned in to nibble your left cheek? You sneezed. Your head went up and hit my teeth. Did I close my mouth a little too? But you flopped back down with the hugest frown on your face. I waited a second and then started the game again (this time with teeth covered). You giggled more and I thought nothing of it. Until later that day. When I noticed the bruises in the shape of teeth on your face.

 It's still there, days later, and every time I see it I get a renewed sense of overwhelming guilt.

I love you Madds, please forgive me!

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