Wednesday, July 21, 2010


When Neil and I got married I was nearly 5 months pregnant. And apparently the day I went to figure out what size my fingers are I was a tad swollen so when I got them they were loose. Well, by the end of my pregnancy even the big rings couldn't come close to fitting over my pinky, let alone any other finger. Maddy was born, the water retention stopped (thankfully) and I went back to normal. Normal? It was a lot smaller than the ring was. I have been trying to wear my wedding rings but they kept falling off when I'd wash dishes, put cream on, do jazz hands... so they have been on a hook in the kitchen a lot. This weekend we finally made it to the jewelery store to get them resized. After finding out they were 1.5 sizes too big (argh) we left them there until last night. Last night I got my wedding rings. I slipped them on and (of course) now they are too small!

I have the finger version of muffin-top over my rings. Ick.

They are leaving a nasty red ring around my finger. But? They aren't falling off and thus won't get lost or thrown out. And they are the PERFECT motivation to lose those 30 pounds I have been meaning to shed.

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