Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doctors vs. Nurses

At the community health centre Maddy is

90th percentile for weight
75th percentile for height
97th percentile for head size

At the doctor's office Maddy is:

79th percentile for weight
94th percentile for height
83rd percentile for head size

 I can't decide if I like the doc or nurse numbers more... Either way, she's healthy and meeting milestones and doing awesome!


  1. They are all good numbers!! Caleb is in the 15th percentile for head, weight and height. There was a four month old baby in the clinic that looked bigger than him...sheesh!

  2. P.S. Might I say that the last pics you posted of Maddy in her high chair are GORGEOUS!! That smile is infectious and her eyes just light up!!

  3. He may be smaller but he's overflowing with cute! And he's also so much easier to carry :)