Monday, July 12, 2010

Did we fix it?

Tonight we tried something different with Maddy and the sleeping. She's a major grump at 6-ish pm and obviously tired. So that is when we put her down. Well, according to the books/internets Maddy only needs about 9-11 hours sleep at night. Putting her down at 6pm and waking at 7am? That is not 9-11 hours... So we pushed past the grumpy grumpy grump and started to put her down at 745pm. She was in her crib at 820-ish pm. And now at 945? She's still happily sleeping in her crib, with no waking. Holy bleep... Is that the problem?! Are we putting her down too early?

So if we have the night sleep thing solved then now? Now we need to figure out how to fix the grumpy grumpy grump which starts at about 430pm (just before dad comes home) and lasts until bedtime...

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