Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More food tasted

Madds has had banana (LOVED it, her fave to date) and green beans (hated it more than she loved banana). We're starting food combinations like carrots and sweet potatoes and soon will be adding spices. Tonight is avocado and banana! She's had no reaction to anything so far, and we'll continue to keep testing one food at a time. But eventually you have to just start giving mixes with ingredients she's never had. But when?

I think we're going through a growth spurt. Madds has been waking twice a night for food. She hasn't done this in months... it's hurting my ability to function. It started on Saturday and hopefully it ends soon. She's getting about 3-4 tablespoons of solids plus about 6 ounces of food before bed, so I know that it's not her going to bed hungry... I think on top of the growth spurt Madds is also learning something new - sitting up - and that is also keeping her restless at night.

On Sunday, at baba and dido's, Madds pushed herself backwards about 10 inches. It's not the direction she wanted to go in but more locomotion! Just seconds ago I looked and saw her on her belly with legs and arms kicking, like she was trying to swim. Close Madds, but we're not in water anymore... This all could also contribute to the restless nights.

Either way, I am looking forward to more than 3 hours of sleep in a row...

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