Saturday, July 10, 2010

Normal, finally!

We finally had a normal swimming class and Madds had fun! There were many smiles and giggles and much splashing. And last night in the bath? Madds was also a kicking and splashing machine! I am glad she's taking to the water. I am a bit of a fish and love being in water and hope Madds is the same.

Last night Neil and I went out in the evening, just as a couple. We went to a friend's 35th birthday party. It was a wonderful evening! Yes, the evening started late since we had to put Maddy down. Yes, I spent most of the time talking about Maddy and motherhood with the other women. Yes, we were home before 11pm. But we were out as a couple, in the evening, for the first time since Maddy was born! Thank you thank you thank you baba. She even came as we're sleep training the grump-a-lump.

Sleep training... Yes, we're still working on teaching Madds that sleep, and falling asleep in your crib, is ok. My daughter? She is stubborn. We have done 5 nights. We're at only marginally better. Although we switched it up a little 2 nights ago (we started Ferberizing her, instead of just CIO). I keep hoping she'll figure it out... We have to figure out who is more stubborn, her or us. Please be us!

I think because of the sleep training Madds has been grumpier than usual. Today? Today was a grumptastic day.  Although to be fair, neither Neil or I was in the best of moods either. It's just been a blah day all around. But on top of blah it's draining to have to constantly fight off the Maddy grump. And try to convince her napping really really really IS ok. Why is it something I love so much is something my daughter hates equally as much? Is this more teenage foreshadowing?

I have to admit I have been sleep trained by Maddy. Last night the shower curtain rod fell under the weight of a few towels wet from swimming. Neil heard the noise, sat up in bed with a start and thought there must be an intruder or something blew up. He got out of bed, checked the windows and doors, and made sure everything looked ok before coming back to bed. Adrenaline was coursing through him, it took him awhile to sleep again. Me? I slept through it all. Didn't stir a bit. However at 5am when Maddy woke and made her tiny little whimper? I was up, out of bed and at the bottom of the stairs before I was truly awake.

And lastly, tomorrow? Tomorrow is a very important day. It's Neil's 36th birthday! Not sure how we're going to celebrate it, he is refusing to make a big deal of it. But if anyone comes across the dada of the Nunu, please wish him a very happy 36th.

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