Friday, July 2, 2010

More success than I ever expected!

Maddy was amazing on the trip. I was concerned, before we left. She's a happy and amazing girl. Unless she is tired. Unless she's tired... And our girl doesn't always do sleep well.

Wednesday night was better than expected for Maddy. I got less sleep than a human needs to function... but Madds did awesome. And then Thursday was a busy day! A wedding and then dinner with friends. Maddy was truly amazing. She napped at the wedding for short periods when she started to get grumpy. She slept in the portable crib in the hotel. She slept in the car. She slept! And she was awesome between the sleeps. At the wedding she didn't meltdown. She was her sweet and charming self and smiled at everyone who came around. She looked gorgeous in her little blue plaid dress. After the wedding we went to the hotel, changed and were off again for dinner with friends. Although I was a complete zombie, it was wonderful to see Fiona and Aaron. And once again Maddy didn't meltdown! Back at the hotel around 8pm and Madds went down for the night. And then? Neil and I went to bed too. Yes, it was a 9pm bedtime for mom and dad. And Madds slept until 6am! We met Katie and Jodi and their gorgeous little boy and then we were off. Some grumping on the way home, and a necessary stop at Fay's Diner to wipe the snot off everything and calm Maddy and we were home. I am feeling much more confident about our August road trip. Although because of my confidence it may just be a total fiasco... but we made it. We completed our first road trip and are home again!

And now? Now I just want my own bed again. G'night!

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