Monday, July 26, 2010

My little model

This morning Madds and I went for a photo shoot, for a local company that makes adorable little girl hair accessories, Baby Wisp. I had a blast, my Madds was an awesome good girl and I am now in love with just about everything that the company has. Madds is not a fan of things on her head but the headbands didn't bother her a bit and they stayed on so well (even on her large noggin). Keep checking their website, there may be a Maddy picture up soon! I meant to snap a few of her there but I was too busy trying to catch Madds when she toppled over; she's still pretty new at the whole sitting thing. But she sat for a good hour there, with breaks for her solids and bottle and rolly-polly time.

And this afternoon is off to the doctor for her 6 month check up. And this evening, after Madds is in bed, mama will finish a letter to a very special girl on her 6 month birthday (already!) and also paint the fence. I meant to do so many projects around the house in those 1-2 hours that Madds solidly naps a day... the ones that never seemed to materialize for my 30-minute napper. Ah well! Best laid schemes and all that.

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