Thursday, July 29, 2010

Could I do it? Could you?

In August we have a wedding in Kelowna. All three of us were planning to head down (again, leaving dogs at home with the grandparents). Ten hours there, ten hours back and three days in Kelowna. We had the trial run of Maddy in a hotel in July and it was success! All systems go! Until?

Until baba offered to take care of Maddy those 5 days and Neil and I run away as a couple. Immediate reaction? No. Not leaving my daughter for 5 days. Without her MAMA? She'll start crawling and walking and talking and driving those days and I'll miss it. Nope. No way. Then?

Then I started thinking about how much easier it would be to travel 10 plus hours in a car without Maddy along. And then we can enjoy the wedding. Maybe a wine tour? Some time at a lake? And get to spend some quality time as a couple again. But still, I couldn't leave Maddy. She's so challenging in the sleep area! Then?

Then we got the sleep thing under control right now. In fact, we laid her down for a nap at baba and dido's today (in the pack n play) and she napped for over 30 minutes! She's easy to put to bed at night (right now) and sleeps through the night (right now). She's good at entertaining herself for short periods of time, just give her floor to roll on and dog toys to chew. So?

So I am reconsidering the offer. Maybe I could leave Madds at home with the grandparents, who are amazing and patient people and love her almost as much as we do. But?

But I'd miss her. A lot. My heart aches at the thought of 5 days away from her. No smiles or giggles or hugs or slobbery open mouthed kisses... No Maddy for 5 days? Although it would be maybe nice to have the chance to miss her. To have the chance to be apart for just a bit, to recharge my Wendy battery. And have the chance to have some good quality couple time.

Could I do it? Could you?

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