Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy about colour

I have a strange issue with colour these days.

I kept making Madds' food match the bowl, which matched the spoon. What do I mean? A green bowl and a green spoon for green food (avocado, peas, green beans). I have a yellow bowl and spoon for bananas. An orange bowl for orange food. But? No orange spoon! So I use purple, which I think looks right with the orange. I have a white bowl for other food. And a blue bowl... which makes me want to give Maddy blueberries. I confessed this to Neil. He said it was weird (which I knew). So I decided to stop this little game.

Today I randomly grabbed a bowl. And then went to the freezer to grab cubes of frozen food for dinner. There was a selection to choose from and I grabbed three cubes and dinner was made! I grabbed a spoon and we went to the restaurant. I get there? It was butternut squash in the orange bowl. And I grabbed a purple spoon. Argh!

And this morning I got Madds dressed for our outing. I put her in a tee with a little skirt. Then I got her settled in the living room and went to get myself dressed. I grabbed a tank and shorts then finished getting her bag together. We were set to go! Until I looked at her. Then myself. I was in a hot pink tank , with light cream shorts. She was in a hot pink tee, with a white short skirt. We matched. And that's not the first time I put us in matching outfits.

Maddy, if you develop issues with food matching bowls or if I ever put us in matching outfits again, please forgive me!

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