Saturday, July 17, 2010

So much new!

Where to start? Or more accurately to catch up...

Madds has learned to rotate herself in her exersaucer! She can go around and around, playing with her favorite toys. Often her favorite is the material of the seat she sits in. She tries to grab the pattern on it. That's my girl! And she's now standing on her toes in the exersaucer too, instead of just dangling. She's growing!

At the park this week she reached forward in her stroller, to the tray, and grabbed her soother an popped it in her mouth. Properly! All by herself.

She's rolling with purpose. She'll see something on the floor and roll her way to it. And if I move her away? Off she goes, back to it. Yesterday she found the curtains. She laid in front of one of the panels and kicked it. It would move and she'd giggle with abandon! She affected her world. It was cute, until she grabbed it with her hands also and started tugging. That is when she was moved and distracted with another toy...

She also belly rotates. If the dogs move behind her, out of her eyesight, she'll rotate around on her belly and find them. More movement with purpose!

We have a pretty standard routine now and she knows it. About 30 minutes after her nap she gets her solids. If I am tardy? She'll look at me and make a chewing motion, until we do her food. She'll also do that in the evening, around dinnertime, wanting her other solids. And if our dinner isn't ready yet? Tough! She fusses until she gets her food. So dada feeds her while I finish making our dinner. And these are the only times that she makes that chewing motion. While her times aren't scheduled the order of things are.

Screeching. So much squeaky door hinge/ear-piercing screeching! It's adorable but also kind of echoes at the swimming pool... She's abandoned most other sounds for the screeching now. I hear (and hope) it's just a phase.

Swimming lessons are now done. Madds passed and got her starfish badge. Which is now a sticker, not a cloth badge like I had as a child. But she is good in the water and I am comfortable with her in the water. Mission accomplished! I think our biggest success was that she didn't poo during a lesson. She peed on me (twice) as we waited to get in and who knows how many times in the water... but no poo!

I've been typing this on and off all morning... now we're off for Neil's birthday lunch. Park Allen restaurant. Yum!

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