Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's all awesome

Life is pretty darned good right now! Madds is great, sleep is going well, we have even gone out a few times in the evening! Although going out is a bit hard on Madds and her bedtime routine. Last night she was up twice in the night. Although dada, in his awesomeness, woke with Madds at 520am, when she wanted a feed and then was up for awhile.

Madds is getting closer to crawling. She does her flying/flappy thing and has also started to bury her head in the ground and lift her butt up, resting on her knees. She also does this fabulous leg out ballerina pose which is part of her turning routine. She's still rolling everywhere to get around. Her sitting is pretty awesome too and we're close to having it down. She's still chewing everything. EVERYTHING! She just rolled over to my foot and put my big toe in her mouth! Ick Madds! ICK!

I kept wondering how Maddy was getting the dog toys, when I thought that they were all out of her reach. Yesterday I saw how. Walter walked up to her, with a toy in his mouth, and dropped it in front of Maddy, to have her throw it to him. Well, imagine Walter's horror when instead of throwing the toy, she put it in her mouth and started chewing! The pathetic look he gave me made my heart melt. So, yes, I took the toy away from the child and handed it back to the dog. Even sweeter, when Madds has a toy Sherman wants he'll hover around her, and wait patiently until she holds it away from her body and then gently pull it out of her hand and RUN! AWAY! FAST! until he thinks he's safe to chew it.

Today we're braving the bugs and going to Heritage Days. We have bug spray (for the adults) and a mosquito net (for the stroller), we have sunscreen, and we have empty bellies, to fill with all the yummy food.

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