Monday, July 12, 2010

We are a-head of the game

Maddy had her Plagiocephaly (misshapen head) Clinic appointment today. And? We're doing really well! Right after her 4 month immunization, when we got the referral, she started rolling from back to stomach. And tummy time was acceptable, once she put herself there. And about that time she started sleeping on her back/side and that too is helping. Plus the bumbo, exersaucer, jumperoo, lap time and everything else we have been doing. Her head is starting to readjust itself and will slowly continue to improve. So, no helmet (yay!) and nothing more than continue as we're going. We can follow-up in a few months if we're still concerned but all should be good.

I have so many fears, about my job as a mother. I worry that I am not doing enough to stimulate and help Maddy. Am I not spending enough time playing classical music to her? Not buying the most expensive interactive toys for her? Should I be doing more? But the nurse today validated so many of the things I have been doing. That I work with Maddy to learn to sit and she even commended me on how I am encouraging her to do so. That I put Maddy on the ground with a toy and expect her to play and explore (with supervision of course). That I am putting her in the stroller without the car seat.

The nurse was saying babies are coming in that can't roll at 6, 7, even 8 months old. Can't sit at 10 months. That are never given the chance to move and explore and learn how to work their bodies. Maddy is about 2-3 weeks from her 6 month birthday and I am worrying about missing her sitting up milestone. I can't imagine her being 10 months and not sitting yet. And while I realize that every child grows and learns at their own pace, they need the chance to learn and practice.

I am typing on the computer while Maddy lays at my feet. She's rolling and moving and trying to crawl to the dog toy ahead of her. And, yes, I am letting her. She needs motivation to learn to crawl and that slimy blue dog toy? Apparently it's motivation!

Maddy's head is not "normal". It's a bit wider and there are bumps on the back of her head, as her brain pushes the bones around. It will eventually be hidden by hair and/or come close to being normal. It flattened quickly and will reshape more slowly. But it is all good.

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  1. Hooray for pets! I think letting her go after the dog toy is not only awesome motivation but a good way to boost her immune system! People spend so much time using chemicals and being overly obsessive today about germs that their kids get sick the minute they go into a public place or daycare! You're doing a fantabulous job Super Mom!